Welcome to THE Microscope!

Welcome to THE Microscope once again!

THE Microscope stands for TestHub’s Exceptional Microscope. This is a test review blog which reviews  apps and technology on the market.

Our Vision is to cement that of TestHub in becoming an Established Authority by providing critical reviews on software applications, websites and various technologies that come on the market.

Our Mission is to provide monthly reviews on applications right here, microscope.testhubgh.com.

Our Values are

  • Impartial
  • To be the established authority, TestHub’s Exceptional Microscope (THE Microscope), writes reviews as is without fear or favour for the good of society.
  • Constructive
  • Every flaw found in any app/technology is to constructively build the app/technology to be the best app/technology in the country and beyond.
  • Community-facing
  • Technologies, apps, etc. developed are for the consumption of the community. To ensure that the community obtains the best of these technologies, TestHub’s Exceptional Microscope has this blog to educate the community on the best apps and the app development world to provide the best apps to the community.

The following are our promises to you:

  • Better Apps and Technology
  • We want you to be able to enjoy the best of apps and technology-so that you get value for your money!
  • Established Authority
  • We will by virtue of our impartiality and sound principles bring you the best reviews.